Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chorus Update for Concert Week

Courtesy of Kate:

Here's our update for concert week.
1. Homework from Lisa: Practice ! Practice! Practice! Pay attention to words. Watch dynamics! I got caught barreling in on an entrance last night in Promise of Living that was supposed to be soft. Fix your trouble spots. (We all know what we need to work on.)
Dynamics help for those who don't read music:
pp or ppp = extremely soft
p = very soft
mp = soft
mf = medium sound
f = loud
ff or fff = very loud
2. Please arrive at Elim Park at 7:15pm on Friday. We will begin promptly at 7:30pm. We will run the entire concert as we will give it on Sunday. No stopping to fix anything. This is out time to hear ourselves in the performance space, hear the 4 hand piano pieces with both pianists, hear the violinist and work with the sound guy. As I tell my students all the time, we need to listen, pay attention to the teacher (Lisa) and keep the chatterboxes closed. This will get us all home at a reasonable hour.
Concert Information will be in the comments.
See you on Friday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Come to Our Concert Sunday, November 23rd, and Help Those in Need

This is just one example of the kind of donation you can bring with you to our Holiday Concert. Can you really say that after being moved so profoundly by "The Promise of Living", that you won't want to share the bounty of harvest with others? Or are you certain that following the "Banquet Fugue", you won't feel the need to provide someone with a new bowl of insect-free consommé?

Don't be caught off guard. Bring a donation with you to the concert, proceeds to benefit the Cheshire Food Pantry.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chorus Update

Courtesy of Kate:

Here is this week's update. Please read carefully as there is lots of information as we head into concert week.
***Scheduling Note: Tuesday's rehearsal will be held at Elim Park. Please assemble in the old chapel. We may move into Nelson Hall as the rehearsal progresses as it is available to us as well.***
1. We ran the entire concert on Tuesday. Each of us needs to clean up our own trouble spots.
2. I think we all know that Banquet Fugue needs our attention. Practice! The accompaniment doesn't help with parts. We all need to count and watch Lisa.
3. Lisa says to go over the words. We have the notes now, but are getting tripped up on words.
4. Lisa also says to make sure we support the Glorias in Ding Dong Merrily on High. They're a capella.
5. Continue to review Promise of Living. There is a recording of the piece on the chorus blog.
6. We will be singing at the tree lighting again this year. Fran will give us the specifics.
7. The afterglow party will be held on Tuesday, December 3rd at Sally Ziegler's house at 6:30pm. Please bring an appetizer or a dessert.
8. We will give a short concert for the residents at Highland in December. Date yet to be determined . . .
9. The lyrics to See Amid . . . that I typed up for myself are included in the comments. It spells out what to sing. Please remember that the notations are for my part - soprano 1. Feel free to edit to reflect your part. Thanks to Fran for this idea. It does help.

Holiday Concert Coming on Sunday, November 23rd!!!

“We Gather Together”
with the
Cheshire Community Chorus

Kick Off the Holiday Season with Songs of Thanksgiving and Joy

Sunday, November 23 @ 3pm Nelson Hall, Elim Park
140 Cook Hill Rd, Cheshire
Tickets are $5 for Elim Park Residents, $10 for non-Residents, $8 for Students and Seniors

Share in the Spirit of Giving by Bringing a Non-Perishable Food Item. Proceeds to benefit the Cheshire Food Pantry

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