Friday, October 17, 2008

Chorus Update for the week of October 13th

Courtesy of Kate:
Hi everyone,
Here is this week's update a bit early.
1. We had an inventory rehearsal this week. We ran through every piece in our notebooks.
2. Please hand in Sussex Carol and Wassail Song. They have been cut from the program. Also, please hand in Fall Festival music if you still have it. There are three sets outstanding.
3. Reminder - There are two rehearsals this week - Tuesday night at Highland Health Care and Wednesday night at Elim Park. Both are at 7pm.
4. Homework from Lisa: practice Silver Bells and work with our CDs. Also, women need to work on A Present Fur Elise.
On a personal note, Molly will be sending you the chorus update for the next few weeks. I am having foot surgery tomorrow morning and will be out for 3 weeks. I hope to be back to rehearsal on November 11th. Until then, sing well!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chorus Update for the week of October 7th

Here's the chorus update, courtesy of Kate.

Hi everyone,
Here's the update for this week.
1. We worked on Shepherd's Pipe Carol, Rise Up Shepherd and Follow, Time for Praying, One Candle Lights the Way, and The Promise of Living.
2. Homework from Lisa: Work on Wassail Song with the CD. Make sure you know what you're singing in Rise Up Shepherd and Follow. I know I sang several things I wasn't supposed to . . .
3. There is a recording of The Promise of Living on our blog.
4. Change of venue: Rehearsals on October 22, 27 and 28 will take place in Nelson Hall at Elim Park.
5. I am attaching an updated Membership Roster to this message. It is a Microsoft Excel file. I think I have everybody now.
6. I am also attaching two music files to this message. I was playing with my digital recorder at rehearsal on Tuesday and recorded two of our run throughs. They are both soprano and tenor heavy as I was holding the recorder in my hand. And you can hear all of my mistakes . . . One of the recordings is our rough run through of Promise of Living. I thought it would be helpful for everybody to hear what we sound like and I can learn how to use my device in the process.
Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend! See you all on Tuesday.

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