Friday, September 11, 2009

New Season! Welcome Back! Also, Fall Festival Moved to Sunday!

The fall season started, and we jumped right back in with a refresher of the songs we'll be singing at the Fall Festival this weekend. Due to the rain, the festival was moved to Sunday. We're still meeting at the Gazebo at Noon, and we'll still be setting up the information table from 11-3. Be sure to let Kate know if you can still make it so she can get an accurate head count.

Next weekend will be Bob and Kendle's wedding. Take advantage of the CCC calendar. Hard copies were handed out at the last rehearsal, and there's a Google Calendar version at the bottom of this page. Those of you in the know may be able to sync it with their own google calendars.

Now onto the Chorus Update, courtesy of Kate:

Hi Everyone,

It was good to see many of you on Tuesday! I'm sending our first update a little early as we already have two gigs and about a million details to keep track of. Here's this week's update:

1. We worked on our songs for Fall Festival and Bob's wedding. We will sing Love will Keep us Together, God Bless the USA, Beatles medley, Cantique de Jean Racine, and Love in Any Language (with sign language). For the wedding, we'll sing the Beatles and the Cantique.

2. Fall Festival - Meet at the gazebo in Bartlem Park at 12:00pm.. We will sing at approximately 12:15-12:45. Please wear khaki pants and green chorus shirts.

3. Bob's wedding - the wedding is at something? Methodist Church in Trumbull at 11:00am on September 19th. We will meet at 10:30 to get ourselves organized and ready to go. Please wear formal concert dress - long black skirt and long sleeved white blouse for women and black pants and white dress shirt for men. Directions to the church and reception are forthcoming.

4. Dues for the year are $60. Make checks payable to Cheshire Community Chorus and give to Sue Neal (treasurer) by September 30th.

5. Membership Profiles - Please fill out a new form only if you have any changes to make to your profile, especially contact info. I will send out an updated Membership Roster at the end of the month.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Season Starts in September!

Get ready to start singing! A new season with the Cheshire Community Chorus is right around the corner. Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, September 8th at the Highlands Health Care Center on Rt 10 in Cheshire. As always, new singers of all voice parts are welcome, and tenors and basses are especially needed. Come share in the gifts of singing and camaraderie with the Cheshire Community Chorus!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joint Board Meeting and Music Committee Meeting forthcoming.

Happy Summer, everybody! There will be a joint board meeting for current, incoming, and outgoing board members on Tuesday, July 14th (That's Bastille Day, if you're observant.) at 6:00 at Bill's house. The meeting will start with dinner (outside if weather permits). Drop an email to the mailing list if you need the address.

Also, be on the lookout for a Music Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for late July (possibly the 28th). This meeting will be held either at the Highland Health Center or at Molly's mother in law's house, and it is open to any chorus member who is interested in choosing the music for the coming season.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of March 3

Courtesy of Kate:

1. All polo shirt orders are due no later than Tuesday, March 17th.

2. Regarding the polo shirts: Some of you have asked questions about sizing. I am unable to get sample shirts from the company. I was told that the shirts run pretty true to size. I'd like to ask a favor of a few present members: Would a few of you bring your chorus shirts with you to this week's rehearsal for a little size show and tell? The sizing won't be exact as the shirt we are ordering comes in unisex sizing only. Marianne tells me that when she was able to order men's and women's sizes when shirts were last ordered. Thanks you!!

3. We worked on Love Will Keep Us Together and Love in Any Language. A note for Love in Any Language - At the end where we split into choir 1 and 2, the first time through everyone will sing the melody - choir 1. The second time through those who will do sign language with me will sing choir 1 and everyone else will sing choir 2. We also ran through Cantique de Jean Racine and Bill Bailey.

4. Homework from Lisa: Work with your CD, especially the Pinkam piece. We will work on Pinkam in detail on Tuesday while we still have Amy. (Have a great vacation Amy!) We will also work on Bill Bailey.

Chorus Update for the week of February 23

Courtesy of Kate:
It sounds like March is definitely going to come in like a lion. At least they're no longer predicting snow for Tuesday . . . Here's the update for this week.

1. Some member news - I mentioned this at the general meeting, but am including it here in case you missed it or couldn't hear. Liz Hetherington's daughter-in-law passed away a few weeks ago. She had a kidney transplant and experienced complications.

2. We are ordering chorus polo shirts. If you need a shirt, please complete an order form and return to me with your payment by March 10th. I'll place one order for all of us. The shirts run pretty true to size. I am attaching the order form to this email for your convenience.

3. A favor for your Membership Chair - A few members have asked if it was possible to see actual shirts for sizing purposes. Would a few members - 3 or 4 - who already have chorus shirts be willing to bring them to rehearsal on Tuesday for a little size show and tell? Thank you!!

4. We listened to recordings of the Armed Forces Salute, Love in Any Language and Wedding Cantata. We also worked on both the Pinkam and Love in Any Language. We also ran through Love Will Keep Us Together (Lisa says we'll start with this one on Tuesday).

5. Last, but most important - homework from Lisa: Work with your part CD. Review all of Pinkam, especially the first movement.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of February 17

Courtesy of Kate:
Here's this week's update.

1. We worked on Cantique de Jean Racine, Greatest Love of All, From a Distance, Somewhere Out There, and the Beatles Love Songs medley. Practive everything and don't forget what we've already learned.

2. Next week, Lisa will bring a CD player so we can listen to recordings of Love in Any Language and Wedding Cantata (Pinkam).

3. Lisa also says that we'll tackle movement #1 in the Pinkam as well as work on movement #3 which she says needs help. We should all review movements 2-4.

4. We will have a general meeting after rehearsal on Tuesday. We'll end the rehearsal a little early.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of February 10

Courtesy of Kate:
Here is this week's update and some chorus news.
1. From Janet -
Sandhya asked me to pass this along...

Daniel Parshotham Desmond made his way into the world at 2:12 on 2/12. Should be an interesting kid! He weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz and is 19 inches long. Mom and baby are both doing well and should be home from Yale some time this weekend.
Congratulations to Sandhya and her husband from the chorus!
2. This week we learned all of the Cantique de Jean Racine. We also worked on the Beatles Medley and For the Beauty of the Earth (sopranos watch - we have harmony). We ran through The Rainbow Connection. Last, we sang through our final new piece - the Armed Forces Salute - in 4 part harmony. Oh, and of course we worked on Pinkam - movements 2, 3, 4!
3. Homework from Lisa - review everything! Notice your trouble spots and don't be afraid to ask questions when you're clueless.
4. There are soprano and tenor solos in the Pinkam piece which Lisa would like to cast by the first week of March. They are not lengthy, but they are vocally challenging.
5. At this week's rehearsal, the men will be dismissed early and the women will remain to begin working on Girlfriend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Rehearsal for tonight is canceled due to inclimate weather. Continue to look at your music, and we'll see you all next week!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of January 27th

Courtesy of Kate:

Hi Everyone,
Here's the chorus update for this week.
1. We read through our last two new pieces - For the Beauty of the Earth and Cantique de Jean Racine.
2. We also worked on movements 2 and 3 of the Wedding Cantata. Lisa wants us to practice this one and don't give up!
3. We sang through Greatest Love of All.
See you on Tuesday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of January 20th

Courtesy of Kate:

1. We ran through the two new pieces - Beatles and From a Distance.
2. We also ran through Somewhere Out There, Love Will Keep Us Together and Rainbow Connection.
3. We also worked on three movements of Wedding Cantata.
4. We spent quite a bit of time working on the 3rd movement of the Pinkam piece, Many Waters. Lisa wants us to practice it! (Lisa is expecting us to forget - let's give her a pleasant surprise!).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chorus Update for the week of January 13

This week, we had a first rehearsal, and basically ran through the pieces we've worked on thus far.

Below I'm including two of our songs, Girlfriend and Love In Any Language, for you to members to listen to in order to get a feel for how they sound.

Link to YouTube video of original version of Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend.

Link to sample performance of choral arrangement of Girlfriend.

Link to a chorus singing Love in Any Language

Link to Sandi Patty singing Love in Any Language

See you at the next rehearsal!

(Edited to fix link 2/17)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2009! It's not too late to join the Cheshire Community Chorus. If you, or someone you know, would like to take your singing to a slightly more public venue than your shower, then come join us at Highlands Health Care center on Highland Avenue in Cheshire. Rehearsals are still every Tuesday night at 7:00.

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