Friday, September 11, 2009

New Season! Welcome Back! Also, Fall Festival Moved to Sunday!

The fall season started, and we jumped right back in with a refresher of the songs we'll be singing at the Fall Festival this weekend. Due to the rain, the festival was moved to Sunday. We're still meeting at the Gazebo at Noon, and we'll still be setting up the information table from 11-3. Be sure to let Kate know if you can still make it so she can get an accurate head count.

Next weekend will be Bob and Kendle's wedding. Take advantage of the CCC calendar. Hard copies were handed out at the last rehearsal, and there's a Google Calendar version at the bottom of this page. Those of you in the know may be able to sync it with their own google calendars.

Now onto the Chorus Update, courtesy of Kate:

Hi Everyone,

It was good to see many of you on Tuesday! I'm sending our first update a little early as we already have two gigs and about a million details to keep track of. Here's this week's update:

1. We worked on our songs for Fall Festival and Bob's wedding. We will sing Love will Keep us Together, God Bless the USA, Beatles medley, Cantique de Jean Racine, and Love in Any Language (with sign language). For the wedding, we'll sing the Beatles and the Cantique.

2. Fall Festival - Meet at the gazebo in Bartlem Park at 12:00pm.. We will sing at approximately 12:15-12:45. Please wear khaki pants and green chorus shirts.

3. Bob's wedding - the wedding is at something? Methodist Church in Trumbull at 11:00am on September 19th. We will meet at 10:30 to get ourselves organized and ready to go. Please wear formal concert dress - long black skirt and long sleeved white blouse for women and black pants and white dress shirt for men. Directions to the church and reception are forthcoming.

4. Dues for the year are $60. Make checks payable to Cheshire Community Chorus and give to Sue Neal (treasurer) by September 30th.

5. Membership Profiles - Please fill out a new form only if you have any changes to make to your profile, especially contact info. I will send out an updated Membership Roster at the end of the month.

Calendar of Events